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Rover家居系列從馬術運動挖掘靈感,演繹了樸實而優雅的鄉村現代風情。除了歐式元素及經典廓形外,系列同樣採用了深色熱帶木材、復古真皮、 傳統英式花呢等細節,能輕鬆為任何室內空間增添歐式奢華感。


Drawing inspiration from Equestrian Chic styles for a romantic and adventurous vibe, the Rover furniture collection by Commune is designed for the modern, elegant and urban customers.With its elements of European tailoring and classic silhouettes, the rustic-modern collection utilises dark tropical wood, vintage-inspired leather and traditional British tweed elements to add a touch of European luxe to any interior spaces.


當Bob Mubarak到Commune選購家具時,他有獨特的個人小技巧——他特意找尋灰色系和線條簡潔的產品。當看到我們的Rover系列,他便立即知道是理想選擇。橡膠木的線條、黃銅蓋帽等細節吸引了他的注意力,對他來說,系列設計既富有力量,細節卻又充滿柔性美。花呢布藝令產品看上去更耐用,人字紋般的細節及質感令他聯想到歐式家居——經典又優雅。


Bob Mubarak went to the Commune store with a strategy: specially looking for greys and clean lines. When he saw our Rover collection, he felt like it’s just perfect for his home. The curves of the rubber wood, stained with matte walnut, and the brass cap on the foot of the chairs instantly grabbed his attention. To him, the design is masculine and yet, soft in its details. The tweed fabric felt like it could withstand abuse. And the texture and chevron-like detailing on the fabric reminded him so much of the european homes – classic and classy.


Living Room 客廳




To Bob, his living room is definitely the soul of his home. That’s where he lazes his weekends away, thinking about life. 


Rover Sofa




That’s why when he needed to choose a new sofa set, he wanted something slightly longer than his previous sofa, and something with a higher backrest. He also wanted to try something woody instead of full fabric because he was getting older.  




The Rover collection sofa is classic enough for him. The leather strap detailing on the side of the sofa reminded him of the equestrian feel, and the brass finish at the feet of the sofa elevated the look of the sofa further.


Shop Now: https://www.thecommunelife.com.hk/products/rover-3-seater-sofa


Dining Room 飯廳





Dining area is the heartbeat of Bob’s home. That’s where he works, eats, and where he hosts his guests. Over time, he felt like it needed more character. So he picked a combination of three Rover side chairs and a Rover bench from Commune.


Rover Bench





Bob changed his dining chair to the Rover bench. The bench helps the space look neater when it is tucked under. When he is tired, he can feel free to sit, lay flat or even play dead on the bench.


Shop Now: https://www.thecommunelife.com.hk/products/rover-bench


Rover Side Chair





The Rover side chairs are heavy and sturdy, and yet, the rounded and curvaceous form of the frame made the chairs and bench look welcoming. The wide seating and the foamy cushion makes him feel comfortable. Covered with the same tweed fabric as the Rover sofa, the whole look is remarkably handsome.


Shop Now: https://www.thecommunelife.com.hk/products/rover-armchair


Photo and Styled by Bob Mubarak


More about our Rover collection 更多資訊

Rover 系列旨在通過富有魅力的設計,演繹濃郁的狩獵、賽馬、鄉村俱樂部和異國旅行傳統風格, 契合休閒階層的品味。為實現這一點,這個鄉村現代風系列採用了深色熱帶木材、復古真皮、短馬鞭、 傳統英式花呢、金屬絲格柵、黃銅蓋、把手和橫擋等元素。傳統而濃厚的深暖色系讓人彷彿置身於一個安逸的鄉間祖宅中,感受具有瀟灑騎士風的浪漫懷舊之美。

An original design by Commune, the Rover wood furniture collection is designed to be a glamorous reminder of the world of the leisure class, with its strong traditions of hunting, horse racing, country club visits and exotic travel. To achieve this, the rustic-modern and modern vintage collection utilises hints of dark tropical wood, European beech, vintage-inspired leather, traditional British tweed, wire grills and brass caps. The traditional, rich, dark and warm colour palette and cosy textures capture the flavour of owning a heritage, laidback country home with the romantically nostalgic appeal of the equestrian chic.