Must-read: Commune's Top-selling Products




Whenever moving into a new space, we often fantasize about the start of a new life in this brand new environment. If you’re planning to move or have a home make-over, you might consider replenishing a couple of new furniture. You start looking for inspiration by browsing Instagram hashtags and Pinterest. You’re amazed to see all the pretty apartments with fancy furniture. But even if you found the perfect piece, their prices often restrict your desires. 

The good news is, Commune is offering a 20% OFF for all online furniture purchases! As an affordable brand with reasonable prices, our furniture is even more irresistible after the discount. Now is the great timing to get all you need! 

But the bad news is that the time-limited promotion has only 4 days left for you to grab.

As a loyal fan or a Commune style enthusiast, you might as well check out our Best 5 Sellers that could offer inspirations on which stylish, handsome and practical furniture to get during the promotion – at an economical price.






Rank 1st | Bruno TV Unit

第一位 | Bruno 電視櫃



Bruno TV Unit is inevitably our best seller. The rustic finished acacia wood laid in a classic herringbone design brings out the elegance of the design, paired fashionably with the age-worn brass for subtle contrast on texture. The unique louvered drawers are perfect for users that adore minimal and low-key sophistication. 

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說到 Commune 熱賣產品,就不能不提起 Bruno 電視櫃。設計特意採用帶有經典人字紋圖案的金合歡木,極具美感,搭配別具復古感覺的黃銅裝飾,營造出溫和質感對比,結合獨特的百葉設計抽屜,十分適合精緻優雅的使用者,低調展現家居時尚格調。


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Rank 2nd | Volta Sofa

第二位 | Volta 鴛鴦梳化  



Interior design is a representation of your own style. Volta Two-sided Sofa is fully customisable in material and size. You may choose your very own combination of fabric / leather / both for your special sofa. Create your unique, personal home space simply by adjusting the sofa according to your mood and needs. This is why customers love it so much – it defies the norm.

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室內設計可以是個人風格的延伸,Volta 鴛鴦梳化正正可讓使用者進行個人化訂製,自行選擇梳化布料/皮革以及尺寸,亦可選擇一面為皮革、一面為丹寧式布料的兩面用設計,讓你配合心情及需要轉換家具面貌,輕鬆建立有個人特色的家居空間,因此成為 Commune 客戶喜愛的產品之一。

按此購買 Volta 鴛鴦梳化


Rank 3rd | Weiland Writing Desk

第三位 | Weiland 書枱



Weiland Writing Desk has been one of the most popular items since the start. With its solid American Walnut table top and legs, the double-deck design allows four storage compartments in total. The collection adopts a simple, democratic design of 1950s Scandinavian furniture – using contemporary patterns and natural materials allows the fluid form of the Weiland collection. The must-have writing desk for all minimalists.  

The bad news is Weiland Writing desk is going to be discontinued temporarily and is currently sold out – except for one 100% new and fresh display in store that has been displayed less than a month at 20% off now. Don’t wait to shop until it's too late! 

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Weiland 書枱是 Commune 備受歡迎的人氣產品之一,早前更一度熱賣到缺貨。桌面及桌腳均用上了美國黑胡桃木實木,特意採用雙層設計提供四個空格隔層,方便儲物收納。這個系列更貫徹了1950年代的中世紀北歐風情,利用流暢自然的線條演繹簡約主義外觀,尤其適合現代極簡主義的愛好者。


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Rank 4th | Geormani Sofa

第四位 | Geormani 梳化



It is essential for furniture to be enchanting as well as practical. Geormani Sofa is the representative of pragmatism which combines both. As a hands-on piece, its solid wood frame with pyramid-like legs make the sofa more sturdy and durable. Fully customisable in fabric or leather at a relatively low-price, Geormami is definitely an economic and reliable option. 

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美觀性與實用度對家具來說同樣重要,Geormani 梳化便是實用主義的代表產品。經典設計可輕鬆搭配原有傢俬,其熱帶木材實木框架及仿金字塔椅腿令梳化更堅固耐用,是經濟實惠的可靠之選。


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Rank 5th | Weiland 1.1m Round Table Combo – 1 Table with 4 Stools

第五位 | Weiland 1.1m 圓桌組合優惠 – 一枱四凳


This neat and always-in-style design can easily fit into all kinds of home styles – including a solid walnut round table and 4 stools. Aside from the 20% OFF Commune’s having, this combo is at a better discount itself. The offer is very affordable and attractive at this price point. Another stand-out feature of this product is that it is highly versatile and space-saving. The stools can be used as end tables and stored completely under the table.  

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