[ Commune風格指南:你適合甚麼室內設計及家具? ]

[ Commune Styling Guide: What furniture matches your character? ]









Home is where we spend the majority of our lives in, the interiors of our sanctuary have to cohere with our

personality in order to release whatever stress life brings us. The right interior style for you shouldn't just be

based on viral styling posts on Instagram, it should the one that really speaks to your personality and soul. 


Here are the Commune collections tailored to every style you might want to pursue:

Let your home speak for your soul. 


小心謹慎 | SANDER 系列

Cautious Player | SANDER 









SANDER is the synonym of clean elegance, a harmonic blend of the beauty in tradition and

distinctive style. The collection is well-balanced with utility as well as aesthetics,

a perfect fit for a cautious and subtle minimalist.


不拘一格 | VOLTA 系列

Rebel and Rule Breaker | VOLTA



你不喜歡一成不變、想跳出傳統框框嗎? 像搖滾巨星般大膽反叛的你非常適合Volta系列







Are you a rebel? Are you a revolutionist?

If you’re a rule-breaker that defies traditions, VOLTA is going to speak for your reckless rockstar-soul. 

The collection plays with multiple elements and texture that creates a distinctive contrast in a 

balanced and concordance presentation.


It doesn't matter if you're just in for one piece ora full-set collector, with Volta, you make a statement

while still in-balance of delicate elegance and wild-recklessness.


追求自我 | BRUNO 系列

Self Pursuer | BRUNO










To you who have a strong pursuit for standard and class, you will enjoy BRUNO.  


You hold very high regard for your lifestyle, just as your choice of furniture.

With the use of solid acacia wood with herringbone pattern and retro bronze,

Bruno demonstrates modern vintage in a solid form that brings your

interior a taste of natural aesthetic feeling.  Let it demonstrate your exquisite and graceful side

decently when your friends and family are around. 


切合實際 | FLINT 系列

Practicalist | FLINT 







The modesty of FLINT matches with the values and aspirations of a realist. 

The simple silhouette coheres with a mid-century modern style that creates subtle and lasting aesthetics.

The timely design of Flint will endure without its style wearing out. 


低調隨性 | BOWEN 系列

Subtle Homemaker | BOWEN






BOWEN presents clean silhouettes, rounded edges, and minimalistic curves that give

neat and clean vibes. The classic and subtle mid-century scent of Bowen makes it 

the perfect collection for all subtle homemakers. 


愛冒險 | ROVER 系列

Adventurer | ROVER 






The ROVER collection inspired by the culture of hunting, horse racing, country club, and exotic traveling is

the one for all adventurers and risk-takers. The equestrian chic combines flawlessly with the

delicate details of Rover, effortlessly adding a statement to any home design.