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From our previous blog, you’ll know the trouble of considering your interior design, functionality, and future modifications 

when purchasing a dining table. Continue reading to learn more tips from Commune to save yourself from the troubles.



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4 | 餐椅配搭

4 | Chairs





When you’re making a table purchase, you’re also considering what type of chairs go best with it. After deciding 

what style of design complements your living room, the easiest way is to choose among a collection for matching pieces. 

For a more adventurous take, choose a table and chairs from different collections for a personalised mix-and-match.


Commune’s Pick: Dualtone Dining Table





亮色白橡木和深色黑胡桃木又能營造出適當的深淺對比, 傳遞出一種自然美感。


We know it can be difficult to style furniture from different collections, but having all of them from the same collection 

might be a choice too dull. Our recommendation for you is the Dualtone Dining Set with its signature two-toned 

solid wood design. The combination of solid American Walnut and Oak creates a subtle contrast of colours, 

and yet pairs harmoniously that elevates any room with its natural beauty.


5 | 堅固耐用材質

5 | Material





Your dining table will be your companion for years, so it’s essential to pick one made with top-notch materials. 

Solid wood tables are strong and sturdy, promised to withhold your heavy pieces for many years to come. 

They are also less prone to deformation, meaning years later they will look just as new as when you purchased it.


Commune’s Pick: Rover Dining Table






Our Rover Dining Table is made from solid rubber wood with an acacia veneer overlay on top. 

Acacia wood is sturdy and durable with an even nature of grain that stays good-looking for the years to come.


6 | 可調節式設計

6 | Flexibility





Apart from the number of people living in your home, your lifestyle and habits mustn’t be taken 

out of the equation as you make your purchase. If you’re a frequent party host, you may need an extendable table 

to seat your many friends. Simply pull open to provide more room for whenever company calls.


Commune’s Pick: Flint Extendable Dining table






Commune’s Flint Extendable Dining Table comfortably seats four at its compact 1.3 M size. When extended to 

its full length of 1.7 M, the table seats 6, easily fulfilling your different needs and occasions.