Get Fabric Protector Spray to protect your fibres! The protector will create a protective membrane that repels liquid spills and block stains which extend the lifespan of your fabric sofa. Remember to wipe your sofa right after the spilling of any liquid even with the protector sprayed or else there’re still chance that the fabric absorbs.


Spray the sofa back-and-forth and evenly 15cm away from the sofa.
Wait for a couple or hours until the protector spray liquids are completely absorbed. For best performance, it is recommended to have two thin layers of protector sprayed ( Repeat the steps twice) instead of one thick layer.

You may test the effect of the spray with a little tap water. If water droplets are seen on the surface, the protection is sufficient. You might need to re-spray the sofa every half-one year.

“Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector”


2 | Daily Cleansing

Clean your sofa with a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis. Some Vacuum Cleaners are designed to remove Dust Mites ( With HEPA Filter ) should be considered by users with Nostril allergy.


3 | Anti-Dust Mite 

Before starting, we have to understand how dust-mites are formed. Firstly, indoor environment with idealistic temperature and humidity for dust mites growing at 22-26oC and 85% respectively. Secondly, the environment with supply of their food- animal dander and hair. What we are allergic to, isn’t dust mite itself, but their dead bodies.

To prevent dust mite problems, you can choose Air-purifier with HEPA filter to purify air. Secondly, spray Anti-germs and dust mite sprays to drive them away and prevent their multiplication. Remember to choose your product carefully especially families with children and pets as some of the products contain pest-killers. Here’s a mild Japanese spray we recommend that is suitable for all and how to use it.

“ UYEKI- Dust mite Spray ( Sterilize type)


Spray the item 30cm from it ( 5-6 sprays per square meter ) and wait until it dry off.


4 | Removing Sofa Stains

Foam cleaners are very helpful removing stains. Not just that they’re powerful, they can also prevent the sofa from absorbing too much moistures to the bottom and foster growth of bacteria on the inside and cause unpleasant odor.

“ Scotchgard Fabric and Carpet Cleaner “


Spray the foam on the stained area ( around 10-15cm around the stain ). Do not soak the fabric with the foam. Let it set for a couple minutes and wipe it with a towel. Repeat the steps if needed. The reason for larger area foaming is to prevent circular marks on the fabric.


5 |  “ My sofa smells! ” “ I feel itches when I sit on my sofa “

This is most probably due to breeding of microorganism which is closely relevant to the humid weather in Hong Kong. To sterilize your sofa, you may use steamers ( Garment Steamer are usable ) to iron the surface gently. After steaming, let it set in a dry and sunny area. ( Turn on your dehumidifier if you have one )

Before using any sprays,
Make sure you’ve test it on the insignificant part of your sofa and make sure no decolorization is happening. Remember to read the product descriptions. If allergy happens, stop using the product. Not all fabrics are steamtable. Please refer to the fabric tag.