[ 蝸居佈置實用小貼士 ]

[ A Guide To Make Your Small Spaces Look Bigger ]




不論你是住在Studio Apartment,還是想用盡細單位的空間,只要運用以下小貼士,從家具體積及空間感入手佈置,



Living in this concrete jungle named ‘Hong Kong’ where bricks are more expensive than diamonds, 

the majority are living in minuscule apartments. Does that mean comfort and decency has to be compromised in such a limited space? 

Not necessarily. No matter where you’re living, a studio apartment or a flat with limited space, here are some tips

 to create your very own practical yet dazzling home by making use of different furniture and accessories to create a more ‘spacious’ feeling.


1 | 使用圓形餐桌

1 | Use Round Dining Tables




Round Dining tables are more space-saving than traditional long dining tables. Two chairs for dinner, afternoon tea,

or even candlelight dinner. It can also easily create a harmonious atmosphere for different spaces.  


Commune’s Pick: Scotch Round Table Combo Set – 1 Table + 2 Chairs


2 | 選購多重用途傢俬
2 | Pick Multi-purpose furniture






Consider if the product is multi-functional when purchasing furniture. For example, a tasteful and

practical dining table could be used in the dining area as well as the workplace. A comfortable sofa bed could be used

when you have a guest to host. A little chair could also be used as an end table or bedside table.

Flexible use of furniture can save up space for activities and reduce visible clutters.

Commune’s Pick: Weiland 1.1m Round Table Combo Set – 1 Table + 4 Stools


3 | 添置鏡子

3 | Use Mirrors to create visible spaciousness


鏡子具有神奇魔力 —— 利用光線折射在視覺上增加家居空間感,亦可以加強室內燈光亮度,



Mirror has its magic of using its reflectiveness of lights to create an optical illusion of spaciousness.

It could also enhance the overall brightness indoor to levitate the feeling of a packed space.

Pick the right mirror to showcase your personality and taste! 


Commune’s Pick: Dualtone Standing Mirror


4 | 購入可收納式家具

4 | Buy furniture with storable design





There is a lot of furniture with retractable design in the market that fulfill the needs of the micro-apartment users.

For example, a dining bench that could be stored under the table when idle to make the dining room visually more neat and organised.


Photo and Styled by Bob Mubarak

Commune’s Pick: Rover Bench


5 | 採用自然色調

5 | Adopt natural colour tones 






Natural and harmonic light tones can create an extend of space visually, create an optical illusion

of a larger space. If you find light tones too subtle or dull, try furniture with a different texture.

Consider using solid wood furniture as an indoor highlight to add a tasteful layer to the interior. 


Commune’s Pick: Crimson Coffee Table


6 | 巧妙分隔空間

6 | Division of space





Using furniture or accessories to divide space is a must-have skill for interior design.

It makes limited space visually more organised and well-thought-out, and divide the areas according to their functions.

You may consider using bookshelves or sideboards to divide space and increase storage capacity. 


Commune’s Pick: Rover Sideboard


7 | 善用表面空間

7 | Make use of surface areas





All surface areas have their value. For example like cabinet top, windowsills, etc. Other than keeping

the household miscellaneous, they’re good spots for collection display or green decorations.

That would save the necessity of storage furniture taking up space.

If you’d like to further increase the storage capacity, consider shelves extending upward.


Commune’s Pick: Dualtone 6 Drawer Dresser